Rule 1  Name 

The League will be known as the Westbrook Mixed Triples League.

Rule 2  Objectives

A) To adopt and enforce the Laws of the sport of bowls as currently laid down by World Bowls.

B) To adopt and enforce the Rules of the game as laid down by other governing bodies of the sport.

C) To provide and promote opportunities for new and less experienced bowlers to take part in games arranged between member clubs.

D) To affiliate to the relevant sport’s governing bodies

Rule 3  Membership of the League

A) Member Clubs must be affiliated to the relevant governing bodies of the sport.

B) Clubs applying to join the League must be affiliated to the relevant governing bodies of the sport and having appropriate insurance.

C) Clubs applying to join the League must be approved by all existing clubs in the League. Club Secretary’s must notify the League Secretary of their Club’s decision.  The decision is final.

D) Each club will pay an annual affiliation fee to the League. Each year the amount will be set at the Annual General Meeting.

Rule 4  Administration

A) Each member Club shall elect one member of their Club to represent their Club at any meeting called by the League Committee.

They will be deemed to represent the views of their Club.

B) The affairs of the League shall be conducted by a Committee comprising a Chairman, Secretary  Treasurer and Results Secretary (if appointed) who shall be members of one or more member Clubs.

C) Each representative will be entitled to one vote on any motion proposed and seconded at any meeting. The Chairman will have a casting vote. The Secretary and Treasurer will not have a vote unless also acting as the representative of their Club.


D) If appropriate the Committee will appoint a Child Protection Officer or Consultant to advise on relevant issues affecting the

E) All member Clubs must display a current statement of their policy on child protection and disabled persons.  The League have their own policy which can be displayed by member clubs.

Rule 5  Elections

A) All elections to the Committee shall take place at the January AGM of the League.

B) Nominations for the offices of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Results Secretary and Independent Examiner shall be submitted to the Secretary three weeks before the date of the AGM.

C) In the event of no nominations being received for an office the Secretary can take nominations from the floor at the AGM.

D) Officers shall hold office for one year but can be available for re- election.

E) The Committee may co-opt one or more persons to fill an office that falls vacant or for any other reason. Those co-opted will remain in post until the next AGM.

Rule 6  Management

A) The Committee shall be vested with the management responsibility for the League and shall have the power to implement the Competition Rules of the League.

B) The Committee will carry out the instructions of the Club representatives at all times and will have no power itself other than that vested in Rule 6 (A).

C) The Treasurer shall keep an account of all monies received and paid by the League and shall submit statements at meetings called by the League. The financial year of the League will be the calendar year.

D) The accounts will be presented on a receipt and payment basis only and will be verified by an independent examiner appointed at the AGM.

E) No officer may, in the name of and at the

expense of the League, incur any debt or liability without the express authority of the member Club representatives.

Rule 7  Committee

The Committee will meet from time to time as is felt necessary and will convene at the request of any of the Club representatives.

Rule 8  Meetings

A) There shall be at least three  meetings of the League each year.

B) The AGM of the League will normally be held in January each year.

C) A general meeting will be held before the start and at the end of each playing season, normally in March and September each year.

D) Fourteen days notice of a meeting will be given by the Secretary.

E) Any resolutions to amend the Rules or Competition Rules of the League can only be taken at the AGM. They must be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 21 days before the AGM.

Any proposals may be submitted by one Club but must be seconded by another Club at the AGM (if not before) before they can be discussed. All decisions taken at the AGM will be recorded in the minutes.

F) The date of the next meeting will normally be agreed at the previous meeting.

G) Any other meetings may be called by any member Club by written submission to the Secretary.

H) At all general meeting each Club representative may attend. Four (4) member Clubs will be a quorum plus as many of the League's Officers as are able to attend) 

I) Anyone who has played in the MXTL in the previous season may attend the AGM, take part in the meeting, but may not vote on any proposal. One representative only from each club is entitled to vote and a proposal shall be carried by simple majority, the Chairman will have a casting vote if required.

Rule 9  Breaches of Rules

Any breach of these Rules must be reported to the Committee who will investigate and recommend to the Club representatives what further action, if necessary, be taken.


Rule 1

(i) All matches will consist of Three (3) sets of Triples.

(ii) All matches should be completed by 31st August  except in exceptional circumstances as agreed by the Committee the season may extend to 14th September.

(iii) Clubs will be asked to play matches in a designated week (where possible). The match can be played on any day of the week. The schedule must be constructed and broadcast to Clubs by November 1st.

Rule 2

(i) Each Triple must be mixed i.e. one lady and two men or two ladies and one man.

(ii) If a Club wishes to field two players, on a single rink, in a match, who have a problem in playing eighteen ends; then they will be allowed to play half a game each. The Captain will stipulate this at the beginning of the match, notifying the opposition's Captain of his intention, and the pair of players involved. Obviously the change must enable the rink to stay "mixed".

Rule 3

Points awarded in each game are, two points for each winning rink, or one point to each Club if the rink is tied. Two points for the overall shots winner; or one point if both Clubs' overall shots are equal. Each match is worth 8 points.

Rule 4 (a)

All players should be bon-fide members of the club they are playing for; and can only play in the Westbrook Triples League for one club in a season.

Rule 4 (b)

If a club plays with less than Nine (9) players, then the other side will be awarded 9 shots, and 2 points for each triple not played.

Rule 5

Novices and beginners should be given priority by club selectors.

Rule 6

If a game has to be abandoned after play has started due to bad weather or rule 7 below the following will apply - If 10 ends or more have been completed by each triple then the score will stay as a result. If less than 10 ends have been played by each triple , the match will be replayed. The home team will offer their opponents three dates, but, if after every effort has been made, no replay can be arranged, the home team wil be awarded 6 points but no shots. Where possible the same players should be selected for the replayed match.

Rule 7

The only reasons for a match to be rearranged are bad weather, unfit ground or a national/county competition taking priority over players or ground. If a match cannot be replayed by the end of the season then the Committee shall arbitrate and may award points and/or shots at their discretion.

Rule 8  

All League results must be forwarded to the Results Secretary by the home Club without delay.

Rule 9    

Greys to be worn at all matches.

Rule 10      

All League Rules and Competition Rules will apply to the Gala Day


Rule 11

A breach of these Competition Rules must be reported to the Committee who will investigate and decide what further action or penalty may be required.

Gala Day Guidelines

1.       A Gala Day will be held each year hosted by one of the member Clubs.  Participating players should be those who normally play in the Westbrook Mixed Triples League.   The host Club may charge the League £20.00 for providing facilities but may waive this charge at their discretion.

2.       Each Club may enter a maximum of 4 teams unless the host Club asks for additional teams. The entry fee per team will be £4:50.

3.       Normally teams will be divided into four  leagues. Each team will play a minimum of three games. The number of leagues may be varied dependant on the number of entries. This should be agreed with the Secretary.

4.       Each match will comprise seven ends with no trial ends.

Dead ends count, with no score to either side. No player may visit the head during the game.

5.       (i) If only one team wins all it's matches they are the winners. Second, third and fourth places to be decided by the best shot differences between the sides who won two games.

           (ii) If two teams win all their games then they will play off to decided the winner. If more than two, then the two with the best shot differences will play off in the final. If there are two more teams who have won all their games then they will play off for 3rd and 4th places.

6.       Each member of the winning team will be awarded a bottle of wine.

7.       A spider will be held before the start of play with an entry fee of £1:00 per person. The winner will receive 25% of the entry fees.

8.     A raffle will be held during the day with each Club providing a prize.

9.       The host Club will provide teas and coffees during the day for which they may make a charge.

10.       Each player will provide their own lunch and some food for the American supper at the end of play.

11.      All proceeds from the Gala Day i.e. entry fees, net spider fees, and raffle monies shall come to the League less the host Club's fee, if claimed. It will then be decided by the management committee and the representative of the host Club the value of cash prizes to be awarded.

Westbrook Knockout Competition Rules



  1. Entry into this Competition shall be open to all Bowling clubs that are affiliated to the Westbrook Mixed Triples League.
  2. The Winners will be Honoured with the Title “ The Mixed Triples League Cup Winners”,and presented with The Harold Ford Trophy.
  3. Any questions or disputes that may arise will be answered by the Executive .Committee .
  4. The draw shall be made by the Executive Committee and all matches must be completed by the date given.
  5. For the purpose of the draw, the Fixture date of the first matches to be played, will be arranged by the Clubs Fixture Secretaries. Notice of results will be given by the League Secretary to the relevant Clubs. The results will also be published on the WMXTL Website.
  6. The Final of the Competition shall be played by the end of August at the convenience of the Finalists, but they must notify the Executive Committee what date is agreed.
  7. The Final will be played with one triple playing at home and one triple playing away, as in all other rounds.
  8. Each Team competing shall be represented by six players comprising two triples.  Clubs may make more than one entry but no player shall represent more than one team in any one season.
  9. One triple shall play at home and the other triple on the Green of their Opponents. Both home and away halves of the game will be played on the same day and at the same starting time.
  10. The game shall consist of eighteen (18) ends, three (3) bowls each bowler, and the result of the game shall be decided by the difference between the four triple aggregates of the Teams. ( ie there are no points for winning rinks).
  11. An extra end must be played on the green of the first named club in the draw only. The shots gained on this end will only count if the game is tied after the normal 18 ends.
  12. .In the event of no decision being reached during rounds owing to exceptional weather conditions and inability to re-arrange the round before the completion date, then the Executive Committee shall arbitrate on the matter.
  13. If in the event the final having to be abandoned for any reason, if a total of 10 ends by each Rink, have been played the result at the cessation of the match shall stand.
  14. If the match is abandoned prior to 10 ends by each Rink being completed, or if the match is not played, the two finalists will share the honour for that year.



 This version was agreed at AGM on13/1/2020 and issued on 15/1/2020

DRESS CODE: Please note that all Clubs allow the wearing of tailored shorts in MTL matches. These should adhere to National and Local guidelines.


CHAIRMAN- 1. To head all meetings.

2. Figurehead for premium League evnts such as Gala Days and Presentations

3. He/she need to make executive decisions when called upon.

4. Must be able to step in in any other executive role when abscence is unavoidable.

5. Help administer events and League matters.

SECRETARY- 1. Create and publish Agenda for three meetings per annum

2. Take minutes and publish fo r#1.

3. Organise venues for such meetings.

4. Try to keep Contacts information up to date.

5.Give notification of Gala Day and Presentation Evening.

6.Help Administer Gala Day.

7. Keep a recrod of match results supplied by the Results Secretary.

8.Publish the match schedule for the following season at the end of September.

9. Register with BE our Affiliation

10.Make sure Trophies are at the Presentation evening. Engrave where neccessary.

11.Change any rules passed at the AGM.

TREASURER- 1. Present a balance sheet at meetings and an end of year audited accounts at the AGM in January.

2. Take in all affiliation fees from Clubs

3, Co sign cheques with other signaturees

4. Make financial recommendations, usually at tyhe end of the year..