Westbrook Mixed Triples League

In the 1980's bowls clubs had healthy memberships, unlike today.  New bowlers found it difficult to get competitive games so often only had roll ups and friendly games.  They needed support to develop their game and Stan Westbrook, a bowler with Alderbury, spoke to other clubs and offered a Trophy so these bowlers could compete with like minded player from other local clubs. This led to the MXTL in 1985 and has never looked back.

One of the guiding principles behind the setting up of the Westbrook Mixed Triples League was to provide new / novice bowlers with an opportunity to experience competitive games played in a friendly manner, whilst playing with experience bowlers from both sexes.  

Another key element when the League was established and still maintained today is that all Triples are Mixed, being either two Ladies and one Man or two men ad one lady.

The matches are usually played with four teams from each Club, however if a club has a shortage of either sex they may elect at the beginning of the season to field only three triples for the whole season.

Another benefit of the Mixed Triple League - MXTL - is that it enables husbands and wives to play bowls together, which is not generally the case in competitive games.

The league is made up of teams from S.Wiltshire plus a couple in Dorset and another in Hampshire; there are ten member clubs and the games are played outdoors between April and August.

Games are generally played during the week in the evening - although they may be some afternoon games as well.

There are two meetings each year which are attending by  Club Representives  and at the AGM any Club members are welcome.

For more information, please contact the Hon. League Secretary - Alan Waters


e-mail: alan.j.waters@hotmail.co.uk